Useless poopbutts working dead-end job

This job really isn’t worth it. The people who work here either care too much or too little about their jobs. It’s asinine having to deal with this on the daily. Nobody ever stays long at this job, I should’ve taken that as a warning sign.

I’m tired of these little boys tattling to the boss about me whenever they don’t like what I do, which is my damn job–something they should learn to do. All they do is sit around complaining in the breakroom for a couple hours or talk about girls all day and how “hot” they are. Did I mention the one who does this the most is a middle aged MAN who still thinks he’s a teenager?
They don’t do jack shit all day. If they do attempt, it’s a reaaaal shoddy job. They leave early without finishing anything. They don’t help with the work chores. They leave a fucking mess everywhere. They think they know everything from working this silly, poopbutt dead-end job for a couple years. I worked here only a few months and can do better than their arrogant asses. Have fun working here boys . I’m going to get a REAL fucking job soon.

The sad part is the job itself isn’t even bad really. It’s just the little shit stains who work here that make it harder than it needs to be. Don’t even get me started on the bosses who love to micromanage. They give me a big ol headache too!

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