Why can’t I let this go!

I am great about change and starting over, clean slate, new beginings…all that shit. For some reason I can’t get over how my co worker treats me. I referred this person for the job and was very willing to let them take the leadership role, even though I had been there longer and had the characteristics the role required. I went on leave and when I got back, the place had fallen to shit. This person is the laziest, most unorganized disrespectful person I have ever had to work with. I completely regret getting them the job. The management team soon saw that this person could not handle the responsibility and I now hold the position. My co worker is pissed. She rolls her eyes at me, reminds me constantly that she has X years of experience and she has even taken it so far as to get in my face…like really, in my face. I am pissed because I was told I need to be a more effective listener. Really? She doesnt feel that she is HEARD, she needs to feel that she MATTERS. Well, guess what….you don’t. I am going to be really mean and just say what I want because no one probably reads this shit anyway. You wear blue glitter eyeliner and you have a mullet. Your neck is bigger than one of my legs. You sit in one spot all day long and think that just because you cry your and ask for hugs that makes you a good person. You are manipulative and a horrible co worker who gossips and acts like we work on survior or something. It might not have gone the way I wanted it to in the meeting, such is life….but know this, you will lose your job. I am going to sit back and watch you dig your own grave and then bury yourself. And FYI, I may not be your boss right now…but I will be soon enough.

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