You can’t spell c*nt without U in it

I work with two coworkers who happens to be best friends outside of work. The one member, we’ll call her “Sarah” can get away with shit, but IF I do the same thing that Sarah does, I’ll get in trouble by Sarah’s bestie “Melinda.” The last straw was when “Cathy ” my so called supervisor addressed the issue that I needed to inform my “team” that I was sent home… for having a FUCKING panic attack. That’s her fucking job to do it! It was bad enough that I was rushed to the hospital because I confused it with a heart attack. On top of the fact that Melinda was writing me up on the low because she failed to communicate with me on how she wants a specific task to be handled so she passive aggressively worked on it herself… but she didn’t forget to tell me how pissy she was about her boyfriend didn’t let the whole world know that they were in a relationship all over social media… and the cunt is in her 60’s. I can’t make this shit up. I guarantee that if Sarah didn’t do a task, it would be dirt off her shoulders and no write up what’s so ever. I hope to never work at a female dominated environment again so fuck Melinda, fuck her bestie, and fuck my supervisor. I quit!

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