You’re Nobody’s Manager.

Just because you’re loud, domineering, confrontational and aggressive doesn’t mean you run the kitchen. We HAVE a boss. You’re so unpleasant to be around, I can’t even ask you a question without you turning it around to accuse me of something or jump all over my ass just for asking. Passive-aggressive is your middle name, too! You taught me early on how shit operates in this kitchen with your constant mantra of, “Do it yourself!”…Don’t now get all pissy because I’m not doing YOUR work when you’re in a bind. You love to berate me for supposedly being “selfish” when I just happen to make a mistake or am not sure about something and you blow it out of proportion, but god forbid I should need some worthwhile input from you when we’re the only 2 working and I need to ask you about a product. You really inspire trust, too, when you shit talk coworkers who aren’t present. I watched as you poisoned everyone against one of our assistant managers who was helping out, you toxic cunt. Is that leader behavior? Why don’t you grow up? There’s a reason you’re alone at your age with no solid career (sorry, just because you slave away – all while feeling ever so put-upon about how grueling and tough your burden is, and how you’re surrounded by morons, oh boo hooooo! – at a grocery store, in a regular drone capacity, doesn’t mean you’re a professional). You’re a straight up insecure bitch, who makes everyone normal in the kitchen uncomfortable. The difference when I have a shift with you and when I don’t is like night and day. Everyone can relax and enjoy their jobs when you’re not around with your bad energy. Thank god I only have to deal with you twice a week (that’s plenty).

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