Snake Pit of Jealous Females

My workplace is teeming with insecure, jealous, and vain females that simply cannot let another female work in peace. And its all supported by our male management 110%. Its like entering a war zone of hostility and resentment every single day. Black women, white women, Asian women, Hispanic women…..its ALL the same, ALL the time, everywhere. “Working While Female” is actually of thing. There is no such thing as being permitted to simply come to work, to work. Other females will have none of it. Females cannot resist spreading rumors, suggesting nonsense as though it were true, pitting others against women, violating professional boundaries, lying, sabotaging, threatening, whining, prying, lying, sizing up other females’ as sexual competition. I haven’t traveled much, but I just can’t imagine any other country with a more misogynistic group of women than the United States has. Jealous, resentful females must permeate like every workplace. Can’t get away from them. They simply cannot stand to see another woman succeed. I think it must kill them inside worse than I can wrap my own head around. How dare women talk about glass ceilings when they themselves are THE glass ceiling. Jealous as hell. Backstabbing, two-faced, dramatic, histrionic, narcissistic, violent, vulgar, entitled. My dream job would be one where there was not a single female in the workspace. I used to be a feminist, but no more. I’ve woken up and realized who the real oppressors of women are. It’s jealous females. Period. And they’re EVERYWHERE. They are moms, sisters, wives, grandmas, colleges and high school ages. All ages, all colors. Its always the same. American women are on fire with hatred toward successful women. If you’re not from the U.S., does this describe your country too? Are vile women just in the U.S. or is it a biologically ingrained thing common to women all over the globe? Any one from another country notice this about women in their native country? would love to know

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