The second day is always better than the first…bull!!!

So, I’ve been training at a fast food restaurant. Today was my second day. The first day of training went perfectly. I was trained by an awesome dude who understands that I have anxiety and a slight learning disability. (I can work hard but only when I start off slow to get myself in the right groove, making burgers and deserts, still struggling a bit with the fryers.) He totally understood and helped me along. Within the first hour on day one of training, I start to develop my groove. The rest of my training went great. I left work with a huge smile on my face.

Now fast forward two days later, this is my second training day. (I have never worked in fast food before now.) I have another guy training me. He pushed me to go fast than I can handle and I start to mess up a little, all easy fixes to go about my day, but this guy is a huge asshole. Before I can easily fix my mistakes, he starts shouting at me in Spanish, which confused me and threw me from my groove I had from the first day, more because I only know English and only a few basic words in Spanish. He tells me to do something else, even though I told him I can fix my mistakes in a second. He was very adamant about me moving on to something else. (Understandable, this is fast food after all, so I brush it off.) I come back to the fryers, which I told him I need help with what food goes where and what buttons to push. Then he gets angry and asks me in the most condescending tone ever: “what, is this your first day or something?”
To which I reply:”kind of, this is only my second day of training and I only have 3 hours of experience under my belt.”
He halfassed an apology and for the rest of the day he was on my ass when I didn’t need his help, but made me feel like shit when I ask for his help when needed, even to the point where he was talking shit about me to the rest of the coworkers who also spoke spanish, leaving me with my work groove completely thrown off. I thought coworkers weee there to help you, especially on training days, not belittle you Infront of the rest of the workers until you are almost in tears.
I even told him that I have anxiety and that he needs to take it a bit easy on me. Only to get the reply:”anxiety? What’s that!?!” When I tried to explain it to him he resides to walk away and ignore me. That always hurts when people brush of my disability, yes it is a real disability you judgemental bastards, it makes me feel like I’m completely worthless, which is what anyone would feel in the same situation. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to leave.
I screwed up on things because this asshole wouldn’t stop or even care to understand. Even after he knew it was only my second day of training.
So now I’m off to prove him wrong. I know its gonna take alot to hold back from puking and crying, even though that’s physically and mentally out of my control and tolerate this asshole until he realizes what a dick he is to me. He could possibly gete fired for hosbbad report on me, of course probably leaving out all of his wrong doings, but if that happens so be it. I’m not giving up and I’m gonna work my ass off, if I get fired it wouldn’t be without me doing my best and fighting to do better. If my manager believes his half true report then I’ll just have to leave. I have a couple back up jobs already in mind just incase. The job I have now has excellent pay, but is it really worth my mental health? I don’t think so, so at this point I’m gonna do my best and whatever happens, happens.

Wish me luck….

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