Ignorant cretins

‘m getting so tired of the ignorant cretins in my workplace.  I keep having to tell people the same answers to the same questions, and they’ve been doing this job for 5+ years.  Most people I advise have been here longer than me; I’m just short of the 5-year mark myself.
Secondly, 80% of my office is Filipino, and unless they’re on the phone with an English-speaking patient, they talk to each other in Tagalog.  It is frustrating to sit here and listen to a language I can’t understand.  The conversation is NON-STOP.
I have a position that comes with some authority, so I have to be consistent with rule-enforcement.  When I try to enforce rules (nobody else does, not even the owner), all I get is drama and emotional stress from my coworkers.  They immediately talk smack to each other, and just walking by them I can feel the eyes in the back of my head.
None of them understand work ethic or accountability.  Most of them are mid 20s to mid 30s and still live with their parents.  They show up when they want to work, most days over an hour late, leave when they want, and if a client calls, upset, they just laugh after he gets put on hold.  What the hell happened to motivation and just trying to do your best?  I’m so frustrated right now… we’re in an open-cubicle type office, so I can hear EVERYTHING.  every burp, every whistle, every off-key singing, all of it.  Sometimes our clients even ask me if I’m working from home, because of the noise in the background.

Dear God somebody help me.

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  • You’re not alone…
    There are many of US that are in open cubicle office HELL.
    I use earbuds and an Ipod to lessen the urges to smack the crap out of my co workers.

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