The 10th Circle of Hell

I know that to be a senior partner of a Law Firm you need to have a certain degree of the “Alpha Male” personality, but I swear our Law Firm is becoming more like Jabba the Hutt’s palace by the minute. The Boss is an arrogant Boor who spends more time on his own personal “line my pockets” sideshows,
Facebook and Internet sale sites than doing any legal work. The only thing the practice manager (i.e the Boss’s wife)has managed is to alienate the entire staff, all the while the two of them blissfully believe they are everyones best friend. “Blame culture” doesn’t begin to describe the way the firm is run. The pair of them are capricious to the extreme. Any Lawyers who actually produced signifigant levels of fees cleared off to other Firms a long time ago leaving only pliant non entities who won’t rock the boat. You don’t need Stockholm syndrome to work here, but it helps!

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