Why is it that the boss loves to pick on me when she cant pick on the person she really wants to pick on. I have been with this company for ? years and everyone else has been here for 100 years. All fo the new people that come in instantly realize that there is a clique that forms for many of the older workers. They exclude people, gossip and say nasty things about each other and other people. This makes people feel left out and brings down morale. When you respond to their gossip they get mad and call a meeting about how YOU should not gossip about anyone in the office but they are the ones gossiping and it is obvious. One woman even made up a lie about a cowoerker saying she was sleeping with one of the big bosses, that was awful and people believed it without a shred of evidence. They harrassed the poor girl untul she finally quit, If they see that you are over qualified or even more qualified they will put their foot on your neck. I have seen this happen and the people that would have been an asset to the company always end up leaving and hating that female lady boss. She is evil. It is like high school all over again. It is sad because all these bitches are over 40. damned shame. Then they try to work you like a slave, and get you to do other peoples work. The HR chick is always on Facebook but always complains about her job duties and what they are and are not and she is always telling on someone. and always revealing confidential info to her “friends” at work. it is a mess here but it has its good points. The last and final thing is that no one here likes one of teh lady bosses adn she is head of the clique. They hate her but they insist on going to lunch with her and gossiping with her. This lady boss also happens to be head of HR. How is that happening? There is some obvious bias when it comes to certain people. Some can come in late and some cannot some have to use thier vacation time if they are late and most do not. they know that everyone is busy with work but they are all always on facebook. Even the big boss. They try to work you like a slave and ask you to do the impossible. A bunch of seruous spoiled idiots. they complain about everything and when one person feels like they have to much work they shove it off on me, when the receptionisst isnt here her work and my own work has to be done. Bullshit!

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