sr staff

where should i start a have two a-holes that i work with . One looks and sound like a drag queen reject from ru paul drag race, Miriam her two older kids don’t talk to her or allow her grand children to speak to her. she buy treats and kiss ass with the second most annoying person.. an old used up wwant to be a biker chick with 30ilbs of make up, wearing her daughters wash and wear faded clothes, might I add they are faded, you are sooooo annoying when i have to hear you say ..i sent you a email..instead of I will send you an email. you sound like scareface, tony’s little hooker. you never speak english after what 40 years in miami . you cheap b. you mouch at every thing, and of course every body know s that dragqueen was given a favor she she did a ig boss…is that why ypu think you can flirt with every one Georgina …

my goodness i feel better, but if i ever met you on down out you sorry used up rag

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