I guess it is healthy for people to vent, but I must say, there are so many unhappy people here. Who is all this hatred and unhappiness hurting? YOU! If you hate your coworkers, it is not going to make a very pleasant day for you. Why not try to think about something positive that will make you happy? Do you want to be miserable thinking about the asshole who is working next to you? Why not ignore them, move on and worry about your own life outside of work? I deal with a lot of assholes on a regular basis, and my thoughts usually drift back to things like the cool book I am reading, the book I started writing, Yes, my cats, even though I guess that bothers people, but they make me HAPPY. They are cute and they don’t gossip and say mean things about people. I hope you all read this, I hope you find your happy thoughts and move on to a better life. Namaste, Dawn

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  • Bravo!!!!!
    Gossips just try to take attention off of their screwed up life by talking about others and misery loves company but don’t let the negative, unhappy people suck you in.
    Smile and move on!!!!!
    Everyone have a great day!!!!

  • Don’t you think it seems a little self-righteous to log onto a website called “” and read everyone out for being negative? Did you come here just to feel superior, or did you get “Rickroll’d” to this link? If you really want to help people, why not avoid judgement calls and let them vent without the high-and-mighty routine? If the negativity bothers you, simply pick another website more suited to your tastes.

    • I was actually emailing, and I happened across this website, I laughed at some of the entries but then I felt sad for them too. There are people at work that get on my nerves too. This one girl calls me fake and phoney because I wear makeup, I got in her face one day and told her what I thought of it and now she leaves me alone, and I moved on. I try to be happy, and I wish happiness for others as well. I am suprised that so many people got pissed off at wishing them well. Sorry that I wished you a happy life. : ) Dawn

  • first of all this website is a way 4 people to vent and then get over it so they dont go 2 work and tell the obnoxious co worker how they feel its great to get it out so u can move on second if you feel that way why would u even be on this website go somewhere else im glad ur life is perfect and rainbows. Maybe when u grow up and realize that occasionally life sucks and you must vent to get over it, then u can post here 2

    • Hi, yeah, my life sucks too, but that doesn't stop me from wishing others well, I thought I would try to shine a happy light into a dark place. I am grown up, 38 years old, and I have a lot of things that make me unhappy, that is why I work so hard to try to be happy. Excuse me for wishing you a nice life. : ) Dawn

  • Dawn,
    Its a place for people to vent and you know what it actually helps because you can see people are going through the same bullshit as others. So positive ass and shove it.

  • I think you shouldn't have posted anything on this site, because it's obviously not for you. I also think it's great that your cats, books and cooking make you happy. But then you should probably stick to posting your comments on websites related to things that make you happy. That way you won't get so many negative replies. All of which you brought upon yourself by sticking your nose into a website you don't belong on.

    Just because people complain, doesn't mean they're unhappy, or they don't know how to find positives in others. Beside that, this website is hilarious!

    And if you really 'hope people find their happy thoughts and move on to a better life', then maybe you should get a job helping people do that, instead of wasting your time posting comments to random people you don't even know. Hoping something won't change a thing. I'm just saying…

  • Dean – you hit the nail on the head.

    This place is a safe place where people can vent about work without criticism. Thanks for the kind words and I am working to making this site more enjoyable for you all.

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