The bosses daughter

Oh how nice it must be to show up to work whenever (but lie on your time card), leave work for whatever (but lie on your time card), and do whatever while on company time. A typical day consists of coming in 10-20 minutes late, huffing and puffing, whining about this and that. Then hauling your fat ass back to your card table of a desk and getting on your computer for hours wasted on Facebook or Zulily. Always keeping Microsoft Excel minimized so when your dad comes in, it looks like you’re actually doing some work. Whining about what foods you can’t and cannot eat and making others feel guilty about it during company lunches. Always snitching on others and throwing them under the bus but you don’t bother to follow the rules. Whatever minor inconvenience you have on the road or in 7-Eleven (let’s not forget you can take your fat ass to 7-Eleven every morning to get a sandwich and a coffee but can’t get to work on time) you have to share with the office as if we give a flying fuck. Oh and the cherry on top, you bring your kids into work and pawn them off on others so you can screw off. How nice to collect a free check while doing nothing at all! Might as well be a welfare recipient…you’re no better than the people who sponge off the government.

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