5 o’Clock

I’ve been here all day – where have you been? Wait, that’s right you took a 4 hr lunch and now want me to stay to work and talk with you.

Not work on an important project just talk.

Get a life – I’m done.

3 thoughts on “5 o’Clock

  • Happens to me all of the time. My boss wanders in around quitting time…and then meets with me. I've learned to leave a bit early–high tail it out of there…otherwise I end up leaving around 7:00. Hello! I have a life!

  • Really, I wish my bosses would disappear for the day…..they don't have a working brain so they sit around watching tv shows on their computers so my computer runs super slow; then they take the idiot ideas they get from shows like The Office and enforce them. Although it makes working on all Holidays a little nicer because those idiots are never there.

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