I know your unstable, I know you say that you’re bipolar and you don’t feel you should have to take your meds to keep your temper and view of reality in check. But when you constantly yell at your employees and degrade them, and even threaten them for filing a complaint against you with H.R., maybe you should take a step back to realize that YOU are the problem, not everyone else. Five people have quit after filing complaints against you, and you still talk about how great of a boss you are and how everyone sucked and just couldn’t do as great of a job as you can. And when my child gets sick you tell me its MY fault that i don’t take good enough care of them. Fuck you and your air of superiority. Everyone knows your fake and insecure and a fat fucking slob and you can’t handle anyone else having more control of a situation then you. We all know that you have issues with women and thats why you treat your women employees even worse than you treat your males. Keep that shit at home and take some management classes. I hate going to work each morning because I know that I have to see and deal with you each and every fucking day.

Thanks for letting me vent.

11 thoughts on “Unstability

  • Obviouslt this was written by a woman. They tend to capitalize the blame target (YOU) for effect. They fail to realize it'is unprofessional writing which dorsn't follow the tenets of grammar. It also appears petty and illustrates a sophmoric approach leading to the reader questioning the entire opinions validity.

  • Obviously this was written by an asshole.

    I have words 5 for you:

  • Learn to spell, cock-breath…By the way, all of your mothers have seen more cocks that a chickenhouse shitsweeper..And I hate gay men and fucking niggers, so there..I said it@@]))))))))

  • Ehh well work sucks then you die. All people suck if you spend enough time with them. My boss and my coworkers are jerks, but am I also a jerk for putting up with their abusive behavior?…probably. If this economy didnt suck so bad I'de have quit by now im sure of it. But in light of the economy I think I will keep looking anyway. One of my co-workers is so fat she asked me for a ride home and then said oh you parked…that far! Could you pick me up in front of the building. Yes she is fat and lazy for asking, but I am an asshole for saying sure…why not.

  • I feel your pain. My co-worker has a temper that could rival most and he tends to take it out on me as I'm the only one in the office with him most of the time and our clients which he feels he can since they're on probation and second-class citizens in his opinion. His tone can be very nasty and it's incredibly frustrating when he demands help from me and then turns around and acts as if I'm incompetent if I don't do things his way. I would talk to my boss about his behavior; however, I'm likely to be at this job for a while longer and can only imagine how much worse he would become to work with. He's a control freak and the only way he can seem to be civil is to sit in his car and smoke bringing in with him after his break his own special cloud of smoke to protect him from pleasant people. I and all of our clients would appreciate it if he kept his attitude to himself or better yet if he would go find a job where he's happy (since he seems to hate this one) or at least away from people. Maybe he will someday and if not, I'll eventually leave.

  • Pleco – don't forget "opinion's"…

    And by the way, if your only comment on the entire post of someone's rant is on the grammar of the comments below it, go fuck yourself and proofread your facebook friends.

  • Who is the english teacher correcting grammar and spelling. Wrong website asshole. Vent on! That is what sites like this are for. If there is a history of others complaining to hr, maybe it`s time you add yours. Eventually someone has to weigh the risk of a lawsuit versus repeatedly losing productive employees.

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