Brick Hat

This post is brought to you by Elle

Working here makes me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork.

Every morning, it feels like I put a large heavy brick on my head as I walk thru the front door.  The weight of negetivity from this place is palpable.

After eight years with this company, you’d think I’d earned a tiny bit of respect.  But even the twenty something receptionist come-accounting tech gets more privilages than I do.

I spend hours fixing mistakes that they simply don’t care about.  Errors are apparantly only important if the auditors catch them.  And then it’s like, “Why did this happen?”  Um – Maybe because you have no standards or quality control?

My manager cares less what goes on here.  The women sit around gossiping, for hours each day.  Why on earth don’t they just go into another room instead of freeking WHISPERING in that annoying way?  You know what I mean, it sounds like a pigeon cooing or a snake hissing.

I imagine that’s how a schitzophrenic feels, the voices whispering away…  Just loud enough to hear but not loud enough to hear the words…  ARGH.  Punctuated by screeching laughter that you know is directed toward some rude, ignorant comment about something they are not even educated enough to understand.

It feels like I live in a different universe than these people.  I try to have a conversation about pop culture or current events and they have no idea what I’m talking about…  What world do these people inhabit?  I had to explain what “organic” food was.  They thought I was some crazy hippy…

OMG.  A fork in the eye might be too kind…  This place makes my ears bleed.  Are there any normal people out there????

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