She’s A Slacker

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My coworker was hired 3 years ago.  I’ve been with the firm for 11 years.  She spends the first hour of the day on facebook and personal emails before doing any work.  During the day she’s always on facebook then works for about 5 minutes and goes right back to facebook.  She’ll eat lunch at her desk and of course she’s online the entire time and then says she didn’t take lunch so she can leave an hour early.  She’ll come in 15 minutes early and anwser her personal emails and then says she worked those 15 minutes and take the time off. She actually designed and shopped for her knew kitchen while at work.  I am the only person at the office who is aware of the time she slacks off because we are in our own office and no one else can see what is on our screens.  If someone does come in the office, she clicks off immediately and stares at a desktop.  Once I mentioned to her about the time she spends online and she went running to the office manager to complain about what I said.  I explained to the office manager why I said what I did and I was told, yes, they know she doesn’t give 100% but her boss doesn’t mind so I am to mind my own business and not say anything.  She also keeps a file on her computer in which she “documents” everything I say or do to her and then.  I have read this documentation and most of it is lies or exaggerations.  This woman has her resume updated on the computer, has written a short story on company time, and countless other personal stuff.  Now I find out she makes more than me.  I peeked at her paycheck when she was out of the office but I can’t tell anyone.  I hate her.

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  • Update on my slacker co-worker.

    Its been a year since I posted this little tirade about my slacker coworker. I decided to just mind my own business and ignore her which shecouldn't stand. She would run to the office manager about the smallest thing I did, i.e. once I looked at my home phone bill on line and printed a copy and she reported that to the office manager. I had to watch how I breathed, walked, stood or even closed my desk drawers because she felt everything I did or said was somehow directed to her. Because management basically ignored her complaints about me she found another job and quit but not before telling everyone here that I was the reason she was leaving. She lasted for exactly 30 days at her new job before being fired for not having enough knowledge and not being a good fit. She complained that her new boss was horrible and the other women that worked there weren't nice to her. I felt so validated because now it is so obvious that our issues weren't my fault. Now that she is gone the stress has just left me and the office is a pleasent place to work again.

  • UPDATE – My slacker coworker quit and told everyone it was because of me because I wasn't nice to her. I bascially ignored her. She left for a bigger firm, making more money, more vacation days, etc. She lasted exactly one month before they fired her because she wasn't a good fit and didn't know how to do the job. She complained that the other women there were mean and her boss wasn't nice. I love coming to work now that she isn't there. The office didn't hire someone to replace her but spread the little work she did out among the other assistants and the office is pleasant and running smoothly.

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