Brought up in a barn, were we?

*brought to you by NotAnImbecile*

I am a recent college graduate who took a job as a receptionist, and was very grateful. The economy and job market are terrible. However, because I have the title, receptionist, people automatically think I am an idiot who does nothing all day but talk to people on the phone. Excuse you? I am working on my PhD in Criminology and concurrent Law Degree…Anyways, that’s not the problem. My problem is with filthy, inbred morons who never say “please” or “Thank you” or “Excuse/Pardon me” or anything resembling ┬ásome type of decorum or breeding. I am only 23 and have better manners than people twice my age. Don’t come to my desk and slap a $20 bill down and say “I need change!” You say “Pardon me, could I please get change for this $20 when you have the time?” Act like you DON’T screw around with your sister in a double-wide while munching on fried pickles and possum casserole you fucking idiot! Proper manners and etiquette are necessary, not optional. Just because it is my job to be here and be helpful, does NOT mean I am some mindless automaton that has no feelings and doesn’t need to be treated like a human being.

So, the next time anyone comes to my desk in such a way, I am going to kidnap them and bash each of their fingers with a hammer while chanting the words “Please, Thank you, Excuse Me…” until they freaking get it.
I suggest everyone do the same.

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