Not 1 but TWO!

I honestly work with the 2 most annoying, rude, condescending people in the world! One of them is a new employee-so you’d think she’d be a little shy and friendly. Nope! Not Princess Rachel as we all call her. You would also think that because she is a Human Resources Representative, she’d not be the gossip-y type.  Wrong again! Everything she hears or is told is repeated to everyone that happens to pass by her office.  Random people I’ve never even met before know personal things about me! Not only is she unprofesisonal she flirts with every single male who works in our office and warehouse! She tries to replicate Paris Hilton’s voice and it is the most annoying thing I have ever heard in my life. When she is talking to a woman in the office she speaks normal.  As soon as she is talking to a male her voice becomes very baby-ish and breathy and her laugh-HER LAUGH!!! And God forbid anything bad is said about her to a male co worker or male manager-you are suddenly black listed! Besides the fact that she told one of the managers she wants to f**k him-she is a newlywed! so you’d think she’d be happy and faithful for at least the first year of her marriage.

Then there’s her “partner in crime.” They both talk about each other behind the other’s back so I’m not sure why they consider each other “friends.”  This other person is the most disgusting person I’ve ever seen.  She will literally eat a 3 course lunch for breakfast! Why does it smell like onions at 8am? Oh that’s right! Because J is eating a whole turkey sub with a bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup a bag of cheese doodles a bag of peppermint patties and a frozen pepsi! Bottles of Aunt Jamima’s syrup, cans of Bush’s Baked Beans-everything u can think of is strewn about her desk.  She walks around the office coughing without covering her mouth and burping out loud and proceeding to tell us what the burp tasted like. When she is at her desk she is singing and DANCING loudly. She will literally get out of her chair and start waving her arms in the air in the middle of the aisle-while pple are on the phone with customers.  She has no shame. Oh and she won’t hesitate to tell you you have a pimple on your face or a hair is out of place.  Ironic huh? I can’t believe people like this exist in the world.  They make my job miserable.

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