Mean Girls Never Grow Up

*brought to you by Plecostumus*

My co-worker, we’ll call her FiFi, is one of those southern belles who seems as sweet as a basket full of confections. Somehow, she’s managed to ruin a friendship I had with my former boss–she gets so jealous of us that we actually “sneak meet” and don’t tell her to avoid the wrath. Ironically, she rubs my nose into anything she has going on with my former boss. Now, for the up-teenth time, when we’ve agreed to work on a project together, made plans…she goes off and does something else, or actually plans with someone else, and I’m left wondering, hey? Now, although I was assigned a project that she feels should be under her, which the whole team agreed on…she’s been campaigning all around the organization to get me taken off of the project…and basically let me know today that she doesn’t need my help. Okay…listen, Fifi, I don’t want your job. I’m not trying to take anything away from you…quit wasting my time! Next time our team talks about that project you don’t want me to work on…I’m going to look straight at you and say, “Fifi told me she doesn’t need my help.” And you know what else? I’m going to my old boss and making plans without Fifi, then rub her nose in it. Bad dog!

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