Evil Little Troll

Sharon is a manipulative, lying, whining, vindictive, passive-aggressive evil little troll. She intentionally provokes people to a reaction and then plays victim. She is an abusive, controlling, insane person. She excuses her behavior under the guise of “wanting things to be right”. She refuses to accept management’s role and goes directly to the owner of the company with her complaints. She makes mistakes and reports them as the mistakes of others. If anyone else makes even a small mistake, she blows up at them in front of everyone, even though she is not a supervisor. Her specialty is making mountains out of virtually nonexistent mole hills. I feel certain that she has untreated mental illness. At first, I thought she may be dealing with dementia, but no. She is this crazy on purpose. Everyone here hates her. At one point, she resigned on a Friday because she couldn’t win an argument over a parking space she feels should be hers. We do not have assigned parking and never have. She didn’t even give notice and they still let her come back the following Monday, like it never happened. She believes she is superior to everyone else here and is on a perpetual power trip of entitlement.

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