Why is it so hard to say 2 words GOOD MORNING?

Every morning when I arrive to this hell hole of an office, my bitchy coworker who sits in front of me, is already here so EVERY morning I say “good morning” to her. This morning was no exception, so I spoke when I arrived, as I always do & I KNOW she heard me, but she flat out ignored me. She does this to me often. Why is it so damn hard for ppl to speak when someone says ‘GOOD MORNING’ to them??? I don’t care if they like me or not, why cant they be civil??? There are several others in here (my boss included) that don’t know how to speak either… OMG it’s so easy…
My 1st job was a factory job & at the time I hated it. I always wanted to work in the office… well I’ve changed my mind about being an office worker now… they are some of the most arrogant snotty hateful ppl around!!!

5 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to say 2 words GOOD MORNING?

  • Yep, you’re exactly the type of coworker I can’t stand. So desperate to be noticed, even by people that obviously don’t like you.

    • And you my dear are the type of co worker I can’t stand. A dick. She isn’t asking for small talk just a fucking good morning. Two words. Thank you. HAVE A GREAT AFTERNOON BITCH!!!!

  • Ironically, she probably hates you for saying just as much as you hate her for not saying it. Why do you NEED her to say good morning to you when she obviously doesn’t want to? Leave her alone and let her do her job. I don’t mind good mornings, but I understand the frustration of people trying to have friendly chit chat with you when you aren’t interested.

  • I agree with the comments. You don’t even like her so why are you asking for her attention? Just leave her alone.

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