most of my co workers are annoying

most of my co workers just bitch and moan bitch and moan. One of them is coming onto me and I have made it clear that im not interested. Every other one has to have an opinion about everything, my entire work place is fairly close (professionally and personally) and they keep trying to encroach on my private life. I only like a handful of them (4 or 5). To top that off, they ask u to cover shifts and expect me to say yes, most of the time i cant (also work other jobs) and just have no interest in really working much more then I’m put on for, had been getting all my work out there to boost my content with Social Boosting to get the best of my social media for my business. to top that all off they constantly want to pry and keep asking me about my views on politics and other touchy subject, and generally they just are very condescending towards me and treat me like i don’t have a brain.

Today one of them deliberately picked a spot that was uncomfortable for both of us to be sitting so close, then would get pissy when i would accidentally tap on their chair. I had no choice and had to sit where i was in order to assist customers, but where she was sitting she wasnt, when we had 3 desks that were empty and free for use.

Also they get mad when i wont front them money for lunches or tell them “ill pick up your lunch/dinner/whatever if you order and pay” and every time they bitch and moan about why i have to be like that. Im sorry but i know you will never pay me back, so no i will not pay for your lunch in the hopes that you have the full amount you owe me on the spot.

Currently looking for new work, but holy shit are these people annoying to be around.

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