I Hate My Coworker

When I first started working there, she was not so bad and I could deal with it, but over time she gets more irritating.

Basically, she is always ordering people around and being bossy. She is not a manager or an assistant manager either, but she seems to think she is. She even does this to the manager who actually likes it, acting like she is his manager. She is always boasting about her well paid internship to anyone who will listen(literally, she told every customer who walked in and everyone at work for like 15 people!). It isn’t that but the underlying attitude that clearly she thinks of herself as better and more competent and smarter than everyone there. She may want to start with speaking proper english– I can’t stand the…african american accent, you know the ebonics accent. I am just pissed that she has to act like she is better and smarter and more competent than everyone else. She is always micromanaging me and stepping on my toes and getting in my way, then acting like it is MY fault. She seems to think she has the right of way in every situation. She does it to other people too. But it seems like she does it even more to me than to anyone else!

There’s a guy at work with a worse ebonics accent than her but I don’t care because he’s nice and not an asshole. With her, I like to privately laugh at how retarded and unintelligent she sounds while acting like a know it all who thinks she’s queen of the universe. I would LOVE to see her be cut down a notch!  I would love to see her mess up and anger the manager somehow. (By the way, the assistant manager is my favorite person at the store, we just get along well. People talk crap about her behind her back but she’s really nice. She isn’t all bossy like the girl I’m telling you about and works with you, not against you) On down times, her annoying boyfriend comes over and wastes time. He’s a postal worker or something, I am not really sure…he seems ok, but once she invited her whole family over(yes, like 10 people) during a down time and she just hung out with them talking and shit while I was cleaning. At first I didn’t mind her, but the bitchy and annoying things about her started to add up to where now I just can’t stand her!!

3 thoughts on “I Hate My Coworker

  • I agree you really do sound racist. You could've just said you don't like her accent…there are many other races that use the "ebonic language" it's not just "african americans" goodness…seems she may be more educated than you….now I see why she may act that way towards YOU.

  • That's not racist at all. Ebonics sounds fucking retarded. I'm a black male from Roxbury, MA and I talk like a fucking adult. I have never "axed" someone a question, and nothing has ever been "tooken" from me. This woman seems like a total cunt, and that assumption is based entirely on the content of her character. I hope that the ebonics speakers of the world remember this one thing: "resume" is NOT pronounced "ree-zoom."

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