Your liposuction didn’t work

How dare you lie to your co-workers and say that you had a tumor in your abdomen only to find out that you had liposuction. Your co-workers actually felt bad for you until we all found out about your lies. And, we know what you did with your boss, too. He got drunk with the sales manager and bragged about it. Sad that you actually do your job so well. That’s the only reason we figure they keep your lying face around. That and what you do for the boss. Sick. It makes us all sick. How you continue to keep your job is beyond us. By the way, the lipo didn’t work. And stop wearing that black dress that’s ¬†too short for work.

1 thought on “Your liposuction didn’t work

  • Don't feel bad, there is a girl at my work that said she had Leukemia three times! She is about 20 years old and fat. My mom died of leukemia, so I know a lot of the symptoms, one of which is drastic weight loss and loss of energy. This girl charmed all the bosses with a pity party and actually talked her way into a management position!!! I was stunned! After talking to her boyfriend I found out that everything she said was a lie, and now I want to kick her ass for being a lying sack of crap!!! I take that personally. I hate people that lie!!!

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