I work with a bunch of idiots

Ever know of somebody who is so dumb they don’t know they are dumb and instead think they are pretty smart? That describes one of my coworkers. I’m an IT guy, so naturally I hate all people anyway, but my coworkers I especially hate. I should first say, I’m a guy and I work with all women, except for the big boss (who is never there.)

So the especially dumb coworker, spends all day talking about her expertise in diets, all the while using incorrect English, like “posta” for “supposed to” and “ahhr” for “hour.” She sits at a computer that has one job, she will halt all work and walk to my office and interrupt me to say that Windows wants to do an update, should I say yes? But when there is something seriously wrong with it, and it’s basically inoperable, she’ll sit on it all day until about fifteen minutes before closing time to inform me that, “the deal that’s posta do the thang ain’t workin’ no more.” That’s why I hate her.

Then my immediate supervisor got to her position on her looks, and has a lovely passive aggressive personality. She has a terrible memory and feels the need to aways, I mean always, blame others for some issue she’s having. So, if she’s having problems with the modern technology in her office, like her computer, printer, phone, stapler, or light bulb, it’s of course the IT guy’s fault. We’ve had more than one conversation about how she forgot to send special print jobs to the special printer; she’ll say, “no I’ve always done it this way, it worked last time.” Then I have to say, “no, remember we had this same conversation last time about this, and these jobs have to go to that printer, just like they always have.” But no, she’ll insist that I’m wrong about that and this is how it’s always been done. So, I hate her too.

The woman who is VP is fun loving, charismatic, has a good sense of humor, and is no longer competent in her job. She talks non-stop about nothing. She was probably good at her job at one time, but years of alcoholism has taken its toll on her mental faculties. She can’t remember a password to save her life, but I suppose that’s okay, since she doesn’t really do anything, but take home a large paycheck. I hate her for it.

I’ll keep it short by not mentioning our resident Nazi (who is related to me by marriage), and instead mention an idiotic secretary that works here. I’m not a speech therapist, but I’ve unofficially diagnosed her speech disorder as “cluttering.” It’s a real disorder, you can look it up. When she has a computer problem, she reports it like this, “My computer … uh … it … my computer … when I … you know … it … and the … like this and … the … the… (trails off to incoherent nothingness.) Your guess is as good as mine what her computer issue is. I hate working with her.

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  • Join club people are just stupid but to get a paycheck you have to deal with it. i once had a female manger was a idiot not ever shut up about night shift manger how messy stupid they were but her mouth got her in trouble got her fired. I now in charge and a lot of higher up mangers like me offered me several promotions mostly because keep my mouth shut did my job did not stir pot. I well liked in my job keep my hated for stupid people to myself that’s what you do otherwise manger get sick of it fire you just like they did to her. Surprised did not do it to you sounds like got poor attitude.

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