Sorry excuse of a manager

I work for an insurance company & the boss I have now sucks!! I used to think the boss we had before this jerk was a total bitch & I could’nt wait til the company wised up & fired her, which they did, but this jackass, he really sucks!! At least the bitch we had before would actually say THANK YOU & stand up for you when it was neccessary, but this asshole, we have now, we have NO back up here. He just sits in his office & sends stupid emails about “why did you not do this & why is this incorrect” blah blah… how about you offer some USEFULL actual training instead of let’s all pile into someone’s cube & strain to see their computer screen & watch them click here & click there & that’s it, ok your’re trained now! OMG stupid AF!!! but he seems to have time to stand around with some of the other asshole so called managers here & have “he he ho ho ha ha” time with them… idiot…

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