I would leave my job tomorrow if I didn’t have a binding contract

The title says a lot of it. I am disgusted by my coworkers. They are lazy — playing around on their phones for hours every day, leaving early, arriving late, and pretending that they didn’t know of one of their responsibilities. And that’s just a few. Several of them actually prevented me from getting a promotion because they were so afraid of having their lazy way of life disrupted. One shithead, who is a complete narcissist and will absolutely end up hurting one of our clients one day, even went around to every upper level boss and said why I shouldn’t get the promotion.

I have done nothing at all to these people. I’m friendly, I do my work, and I’m a team player but I’m treated like a pariah. The narcissist won’t even acknowledge that I am on the planet– if we are the only 2 ppl in a hall, he pretends I’m not even there.

I’m not even asking them to do beyond their job — just their job! Which they are getting paid to do!!!!

This place is so fucked up that it had me believing that I was the problem for a long time. It got so bad I had to start on antidepressants and seeing a therapist. Funny thing is I interviewed for a position in the future (after my contract is up) and what a difference! People valued me and my work ethic. I had three offers in the span of 3 weeks which is unheard of in my field (it usually takes 2 months for just one offer). It sucks that it took going outside of my company to realize nothing was wrong with me. How fucked up is that?! But I still have to deal with these turds for the foreseeable future until my contract is up.

Oh and what really pisses me off is that they pretend to be nice to my face but then stab me in the back. At least the narcissist doesn’t pretend to like me. The other coworkers will ask for help, which I give, but then any time I need help it is crickets. They gossip behind my back (it’s a small office so everything gets back) and then will turn around and fake it.

I’m not asking for best friends. I just want a morning greeting. You don’t even need to ask about my personal life. But don’t hate me when you have never even bothered to try to get to know me. I at least have tried to get to know my coworkers. I made valiant attempts but from the beginning, I was excluded. And then, the more time I was around them, the more disgusted I became because of their lack of work ethic. So now, I come to work and try to minimize as many interactions with them as possible because they are never going to like me. As long as they are lazy assholes, I will just get more and more pissed. I’m polite but I’m not going to be fake sweet to their faces.

With each passing day, I hate going to work more and more not because of the job but because of my coworkers. I’m afraid one day I will hear some comment and I will just lose any shred of professionalism and bitch each of them out.

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