That 1 coworker that needs to know they are NOT the boss…

I recently started working my first every salary desk job with high pay. I am a young female, with absolutely no background in the industry. My only collegues are my boss (older gentleman, super nice) my shipper (some guy in his mid 30’s, pretty normal) and last but certainly not least the nightmare herself (a very evil, contradicting, hateful, negative older lady with 4 years left until she retires).

This woman has got to be the most passive aggressive monster I’ve ever met. I swear some days she actually cannot function properly unless she tells me how horrible of a job I am doing or how I messed something up, even though I have been praised over and over by distract managers, customers and basically anyone who has met me.

She constantly throws things at my desk and kicks cupboards and other office supplies, this woman is in her 60’s and can kick harder than a young male. She threw a stapler at my desk a few weeks ago. The worst part is when I bring it too my boss’s attention, he simply says we “NEED” her and the it is important to have her on the team for now due to her knowledge of the company.

She is awful with customers, she tells them to go somewhere else bluntly because she can’t be bothered. We’ve received negative reviews because of her behavior.

I’m done venting. I just do not think I will be able to last with this witch for another 4 years.

2 thoughts on “That 1 coworker that needs to know they are NOT the boss…

  • OMG… I cant believe the higher ups tolerate her behavior, because they NEED her??? and she gets away with speaking to customers the way she does? I feel for you! Sounds like maybe HR needs to be made aware of this?
    good luck to you! stay strong!

  • Yes, if your managers won’t help you, you need to go to HR. This is a case of plain old fashioned jealousy – she is jealous of you! That does NOT give her the right to kick and throw staplers at you; that is physical abuse and against the law in the workplace or any place.
    I’m currently dealing with a fat, ugly bitch who came in months after me and tried to make herself look better than me. I made everyone in management aware of the situation by documenting her behavior in writing, and was supported because they believed me and saw it for themselves. Now she leaves me alone. If your management can’t support you in this awful situation, maybe you should tolerate it for as long as possible and find a better company.

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