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I had enaugh, i had bare this on my mind for two years. I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. My coworker is a good worker but very bad towards other, keep telling direction like a boss. Even my current boss is somehow afraid of her? Whatever that she wanted she get it. Not only that. My others coworker, became more afraid towards her instead of respecting her. This is so wrong, she the one with responsiblities for her department, instead she left to other that less knowladgeable compare to her and went he/she do ot wrongly she started to make angry and humilate he/she infront of others. Seriously it getting on my nerves. Enough is enough! so here is tips for the workplace.

Professional boundaries are rules about what is OK and not OK to say and do at work, including how you should interact with your coworkers and just as another recommendation for work, use the paystub for the finances. While some boundaries are enforced by your company, it’s also important to determine what boundaries you want to have with your colleagues.

A teamwork culture is a workplace where people work collaboratively on projects and tasks instead of having each person work on their own. Even if you work independently, you can create a teamwork atmosphere by offering to help others, asking for their feedback, and coming together regularly to discuss ideas and projects.

Even if your goal isn’t to make friends with your coworkers, it’s still important to be on friendly terms with them. Being friendly makes work more enjoyable for everyone and also helps employees feel engaged and invested in their work.

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