Sales rep is a total c**t wagon.

This woman we work with- I am the boss for operations, she is managed by the Region Sales director so not my direct report, but we are the ones to actually work with her. She is the absolute worst.

Nasally, irritating voice. Moves her head like a chicken and won’t make eye contact.

She points blame at everyone else when she doesn’t/can’t hit her numbers.
Demands we spend hours each day accommodating HER needs or making HER job easier, when she has access to the same shit and could, you know, actually PREPARE for her day.
She blames the office team when clients or sources complain.
She “offers to help” and then tells you all the reasons she can’t help.
She demands new processes for the office to do to meet her role objectives, so she can get credit for actually doing nothing. I.e wanting us to do tasks that are her job (and she gets bonuses for) when it’s her literal WHOLE POINT TO BEING HERE, and we already have 17 other functions to do.
Emails people from 4 feet away so she can tag our bosses in when she’s just being a cunt- gets shut down every time. Tries to frame it as we in the office are generating poor reputation, meanwhile multiple people have banned her from speaking with them because they HATE her.
Tries to stir up negativity by bad mouthing everyone- without realizing that SHE IS THE TOXIC CANCER AND LITERALLY NO ONE IS HER FRIEND OR LIKES HER.
Will push people out of the way in the kitchen with her ass rather than say “excuse me” like a normal human.
Throws the whole company under the bus and can’t take ownership or responsibility for anything.
Can’t pronounce my name correctly after almost 2 years.
Passive aggressive behavior on the daily- anything to take little dogs at anyone.
Regularly screams, bullies, and berates office staff for not doing her job for her or not breaking laws to “help her look good”,

Yeah- they are finally, finally starting the process to fire her. I can’t fucking wait.

2 thoughts on “Sales rep is a total c**t wagon.

  • Jesus H. I have one of those here. She is an evil little troll, close to retirement. I stood up to her one day, so she wrote a letter of resignation…and then immediately rescinded it with a list of petty demands, which they accepted since they did not immediately have anyone to fill her position. It would’ve gone to me, as I am the most experienced and already do half of her job for her, but then there would’ve been no one to fill my shoes. I am waiting for her retirement with baited breath. It will be any day now. I am currently looking for employment elsewhere, but I won’t accept until I see her gone. It means that much to me at this point. Plus, I will get to feel an added bonus by screwing the company out of my experience in 2 key positions at the same time.

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