It is a sad freaking thing that you can’t just ask someone the empty question “how they are doing” without getting the story of there lives, don’t you know I don’t really care? OMG I am so sick of listening to you talk and talk and talk about NOTHING!!!!! And if one little thing happens, you don’t shut up about if for days and days.. Everyone talks about how annoying you are I wish you would figure it out.. FOR GOD’S SAKE just shut the hell up…

3 thoughts on “Ingnorant

  • If you don't want to know….then don't ask the question. Just walk on by with a little head nod and a "hey." Asking gives the perception that you do care so don't get all pissy when they respond the YOUR question (sincere or not).

  • Oh You must be one of the people that actually thinks ppl care when that question is asked… trust me lady know one cares what you had for dinner last night or if your kid won at a sporting event the night before, so for your co-workers sake just start responding to them, " I am fine Thankyou" Good Grief lady give me a break!

  • Like I said, if you don't care to know, then don't ask the question. I would prefer that people, like yourself, show your true colors and be a uncaring, unsocial, egotistical, self-centered bitch that you are instead of putting on this facade and back-stabbing everyone within reach. Seriously, why give the perception to people that you care when you don't. I do happen to care when my friends son hit a homerun or that they tried the new sushi restaurant. So, Kelly why don't you give us a break and crawl back under the log that you originated from. My sincerest regards….Cathy

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