SIlence Please!

I share an office which three of us are in. The space is about 25 feet by 10 feet, surrounded by windows.
I sit in the far corner and my position entails reading all day…I settle in with my coffee and my radio on a low hum, when the co-worker comes in. Sloshing and dragging her feet AND handbags down the hall she slings everything onto her desk.  It’s relatively quiet except for the low hum of the radio, audible to myself only. The other co-worker has her radio on her desk where only she can hear it.
Here is comes…SLAM! She throws her keys on the desk and makes another irritating noise with her chair. Then she starts honking, refusing to blow her nose.
The phone rings as soon as she sits down and she engages in loud conversation and laughter…her voice is a few octaves above the late Lou Rawls, but I digress! She then engages in a 20 minute conversation of tee, hee, tee, hee, yes girl and lots of Han which is her loud and obnoxious way of saying, ‘huh’?  Is that even a word? A grown woman who still says ‘huh’ and uses the words ‘and everything’ to end sentences.  The phone conversation ends and she puts the keys [about 14 of them on a ring] around a long loop of yarn which she wears around her neck. Each time she moves, these keys hit the key board, desk, side of her computer monitor and anything else she bummps into.  Can you say little kid?
She begins her ritual cough; this part is her morning routine which goes like this, ‘snnnnnnnghhh duh hu, duh hu, ah huhu HU’! She then rubs the tip of her nose like she was removing a smudge from her windshield of her car and finally after 40 minutes of this crap, it is semi-silent once again.  WTF?

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