Let it go

You are my peer but have no idea what my background is or the wealth of experience I have to manage this project. Just becuase you know what position I have held since I started with the company two years ago doesn’t mean you know what I’m capable of and you have no right to tell anyone that I’m not qualified to do the job that has been assigned to me. Just because you suck at your job and suck as a manager doesn’t mean you have to do everything in your warped mind to prevent me from doing my job and trying to get me fired. Do you not get that everyone who works for you hates you and thinks you are an insane bitch? I have no idea how you have held onto your job for so long, but hope that you are the one that ends up fired and that you recognize that you drove the person that could have been your best ally in this project out of the company. I don’t wish you luck or a nice life…

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