seriously? it was my first fucking day & u run and go tell the boss that u thought i looked lost and i have no business interacting with clients? again, it was my first fucking day! just because i do a different type of therapy (and better one at that, even though u think ur better. age doesn’t mean that ur better bitch) doesn’t mean im lost.

then u stand right in front of the door and i have to lean in ur general direction to see if the client left and i calmly and ask u ever so nicely “do u have another client coming in?” and u go and tell the boss that i got in ur face and was hostile? wtf is wrong with u?

u were hired a week ahead of me and have had numerous therapists and clients complain about u, i haven’t had any complaints…except for the delusional ones that u told our boss. ur the dumbest bitch i have ever met in my life. i’m sorry ur 50 and have been a therapist 10 more years than me, but i have more education, people skills and am better in one year than u are in ur 11. plus, when u work…nobody wants to hear anything about ur sex life. there is a thing about listening to what u say in ur head before it actually comes out of ur mouth. u should do that every time.

oh and shit u talk, i hear everything. ur such a dumb cunt.

2 thoughts on “wowza

  • Wow-hopefully you are an anger management therapist; physician heal thyself. Are you a “millennial” by any chance? If so, it would explain your sense of entitlement.

  • It really scares me that you have the education of a therapist and can’t even spell. Aren’t therapists supposed to be understanding and kind? I think you should take a look at yourself and maybe you are the one who needs therapy to work on self-esteem issues.

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