Try using the organ between your ears

Stop running our law firm with your penis. The preferntial treatment is so blatantly obvious and pathetic that I gag almost every day. So your wife quit and divorced you when you got caught fucking your mistress who also works here. Boo hoo. Now we are stuck with a penis and the whore. Nobody is buying the story that the whore “works” from home after her 3 hour shift, most of which is spent in your office complaining about decent people who work hard. Everybody hates the backstabbing slut. Forget the guilt and fire her already and stop wasting the company’s money on her fake paycheck. We understand her big, loud mouth gives good blow jobs and we don’t care. Keep that shit at home. Whores are a dime a dozen. She walks like a dude. Does she have a penis too you freaky mother fucker?

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