Need To Vent

*this post is brought to you by Courtney*

Co Worker: Just because you went to school you snob does not mean you are better than me.
Boss: Just because you are an attorney doesn’t mean you can disrespect and degrade me. By the way I need a raise!
Client:   Quit whining because your divorce isn’t final yet. Seeing your boyfriend, whom you cheated on your husband with, can wait just a little bit longer.
Client:   Just pay the damn retainer fee, you shouldn’t have raped that lady to begin with and decide to carry that much crack cocaine on you. Freakin moron!
Co Worker:  Quit gossiping about everyone else you work with. Find a new hobby! Yes she is a harder worker than you so stop getting jealous and spreading rumors about her.
Boss:  Im tired of sending all your calls to voicemail and being cursed out by your clients because you never speak to them. Get your lazy ass up and work.



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