Boss and Trash

*This post is brought to you by Viper*

This week, I finally decided to take the plunge: I moved my trash barrell underneath my desk.  For the last couple of years, it has sat just barely two feet away from my desk. My reasoning for moving it was 4-fold.  First, trash barrells in my office are plentiful. One at every desk, in every conference room, the kitchen, and random locations around the hallway. Second, I was tired of people throwing their “lunch trash” in my barrell. Third, I was tired of people filling my barrell with paper that could easily be placed in a recycling bin. Fourth, I got tired of reaching over to put trash in my own barrell. Thus, the trash barrell was relocated, out of sight and for my use only. No longer would I have to be self-conscious of how many candy wrappers were visible! Well, Boss Lady wanders by and throws her gum wrapper in the spot where my trash barrell used to be. She notices that said gum wrapper hit the floor, and that the barrell is no longer there. She says, “Oh”. She picks up the gum wrapper…and places it on the table next to my desk. She ignores the other two barrells within a 12 foot radius, and leaves her trash next to my desk. And this, folks, is Reason # 4,782 why I. Hate. My. Job.

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