Puking at Work

This post is guaranteed to make you love your co-workers!!

There is a woman where I work who has the stinkiest crotch I have ever smelled in my life!  Seriously, you can still smell that rotten thang FIVE hours after she leaves!  Disgusting!  Oh, and how lovely she sits at MY desk … Ugh.  Last time she was here, I emptied 1/2 a can of Lysol and her stench was still hanging around until the next day.  Gross.

Two words, get meds (cause a case Summer’s Eve is NOT going to fix that stank)!!

Readers, you are loving your co-workers now, aren’t ya??

1 thought on “Puking at Work

  • You’re a jerk. You could nice to her. Once you’ve established a friendship, you could bring up a smell in the room. I had a co-worker to smelled really bad, but she also had health issues. We became friends and I could discretely tell her that I could smell it. She would go and freshen up as best she could. You never know what some people are having to deal with. Choose kindness.

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